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Feb. 22, 2019, 11:40 a.m. -  Nouseforaname

Quote = IanR "We haven’t felt that STA would change relative to sizes… at least not so far. I certainly would like to hear any theories on it."  The only reason to do that would be to deal with an Xl frame having the same size Rear Centre as a Small. The Xl frames rider weight would be much closer to the rear axle compared to the Small changing the weight balance/handling of the bike. In theory. In Clarkes comments about the frame design he said he preferred the longer stays. My guess is that the 'geometry wars' will become less about front centre (reach) in the future and more about rear centre. More front centre has been generally accepted. Longer rear centre will be about the type of terrain you're riding in. Big chunky descending focussed terrain = longer rear centres on bikes. Flowy mellower trails = shorter (standard) rear centres. It's all about where you ride. It's kind of crazy that bikes are designed by riders riding trails in Marin or California and then they're expected to perform as just well as bikes designed for a very different set of trails in Western BC.

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