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Feb. 22, 2019, 9:54 a.m. -  Penor

Andrew, first, thank you for the great article. This review hits home on so many fronts for me and I’d really like to pick your brain. I apologize for the lengthy post. I own a 2016 Stache 7. I’ve upgraded the brakes to SRAM Guide RS, and changed the Chupa’s over to the new Bonti SE4 29X3 (F/R). I’m currently running the SE4’s on the stock Sun Mulefut rims (45i). I run low pressures (9.5 psi Front/11 psi Rear @ 158 lbs. body weight). I am getting ready to order a custom wheelset with Oynx hubs. The rim choice is what is holding me back. After tons of research I’d settled on a 45mm internal rim width, and all but settled on the RF ARC 45. That said, I am really interested in the new RF ARC 40 Offset rims, but I’d ruled them out because I am afraid they will not allow me to run as low of pressures and that the decreased air volume may harshen the ride, which is the last thing I want to do. I have bi-lateral hip replacements and I need all of the traction and cushion I can get. Your comment here that given the choice for a new build, you’d choose a RF ARC 40, has really caused me to start rethinking all over again. What are your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions here?  On to the fork - I am reading your article because I am contemplating upgrading to the new Manitou Mattoc Pro w/IRT. I am currently running the stock Manitou Magnum Comp fork with the new low-friction seal kit. Honestly I have no issues (that I am aware of) with my fork, but if the Mattoc Pro will offer a far superior ride then I want to upgrade. I just don’t want to drop a grand for something that is somewhat better than I currently have, but nothing earth shattering. Note that I have read your article on the Trek Stache 29+ Retrial. I agree that the weakest links of the Stache are the stock brakes and the stock Chupa tires. Changing the tires to the SE4’s has made a tremendous improvement in traction and handling. So my question is, that after already changing the tires, is upgrading to the Mattoc Pro w/IRT going to be a major upgrade?

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