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Feb. 21, 2019, 9:51 p.m. -  Andrew Major

GAH! You're foreshadowing my review material ;-). So I have two responses to this and couldn't pick a delivery order so here goes: 1) 141mm QR **shouldn't** be a big deal. It's just the QR version of a 148mm Boost hub (the same as 135x10 and 142x12 are the same hub QR vs. Thru-Axle). Now it's true, most the options on the market right now for 141x10 are low-end but with the increasing number of frames coming with the 141mm setup it's entirely conceivable that with demand many companies will offer this as an axle option with higher performance hubs. For example, it would cost DT Swiss ~ nothing to put out a 141x10 version of the Boost 350 hub and it's a sure thing they'd sell some. \-\-\-\-\-\- 2) One of the things I like about the Growler 40 is it uses a 135x10mm QR rear end. A thru-axle setup would use up valuable spec dollars for a questionable (if any) performance return and by using the 135mm a savvy Growler 20 or 40 customer will be able to massively upgrade their rear hub for a minimum outlay when the time comes. Buy used 26" x 135mm wheel with high-end hub for peanuts in buy-and-sell. Lace hub into a rim of choice. Enjoy!

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