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Feb. 9, 2019, 9:27 a.m. -  Andrew Major

I wasn't clear enough on the Hope hub. They're not a hub I would spend my own money on whether 8.2°, 4.1°, or better engagement and I've never had luck communicating with the company so I'll leave the guts-swap question/follow-up to a potential customer looking for higher engagement points.  Rather than the seat angle change (which makes a lot of sense for many of the Chameleons applications) I'd love to see a 44/56 press-in headset for over-forking. Being able to run a Works Components angle set to maintain the rest of the geo while running a longer fork/slacker HTA is awesome.  I've SS'd the bike and I'm really happy with the ride. The only potential pitfall I've come across is the dropped chainstay limits gear combinations. I'm running 32:22t which is great for around here in the winter but if I wanted a harder gear I'd have to go up to a 34t ring to get the chain to clear the stay. All that considered - I think the tensioners are awesome, the geometry is awesome, and this has the potential to be the best SS carbon frame on the market.

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