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Feb. 7, 2019, 2:15 p.m. -  IslandLife

That's a good point... if you're a multi-bike owner, you can effectively purchase one drivetrain and/or dropper for all of them.  All of a sudden $2000 becomes $1000 or even $666 and each bike has an amazing drivetrain vs maybe an older used or hand-me-down version.  Though part of this depends on cranks and cassette... but if you've already got some version of eagle on each bike, you're right it's just a matter of swapping the derailleur and shifter over.  And this is part of the reason I may eventually go this route because I'd be happy to just buy the derailleur and shift pod since it will work just fine with my current GX eagle set-up.  I'll be very interested to see how much they'll be charging for just those two parts... though I have a feeling that's where I'll be disappointed as that's where all the new tech is. Actually, we could probably find out the prices fairly easily.  There's no real change from the current X01 cranks/chainring/cassette/chain... so, just subtract the current prices of those parts from $1900 and that should give you... well, looks like $970 USD (almost $1300 CAD) for just the derailleur and shift pod. I also think if we wait a year we may see a "GX" version which could bring even more value.  EDIT: after reading the interview... I don't believe we'll see a "GX" version.

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