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Feb. 6, 2019, 4:42 p.m. -  IslandLife

I'm pretty sure SRAM isn't not thinking about the long game... but I think you answered your own question.  On an ebike, it would be quite simple to power the derailleur and dropper with a plug system (they may already have that half-baked... it would make sense) and leave the shifter alone... 2 years on those easily replaceable batteries is fine and power line valve from that same battery.  And so, in my mind it makes this system even better when it comes to compatibility on various types of bikes at various price points... pick and choose what you want based on budget, preference and application and you end up with as clean as a bike as you can afford. But you're right... I don't have all the info on e-bike parts and specsm, but if SRAM doesn't have an ebike capable cassette and/or hub standard, they probably need to get on that.  But again, going down that route, could they not just create something that also works with all their other eagle offerings so far?  Thereby completing the cycle?  Offering something for everyone, again just pick the parts and application. Shimano has some serious catching up to do short term and if all it takes for SRAM to cover it's long term position is to finish off some plugs and build an ebike cassette/hub... it's going to make it tough for Shimano to catch up and win back market share. Although, I do think Shimano's saving grace will be that their product ultimately will be better than Eagle.  I think when it drops, tests will bear that out, consumers will demand it and Shimano should be able to gain share again.... we'll see. They're going to need it as I'm sure Shimano's MTB financials must not be pretty to look at right now.

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