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Feb. 6, 2019, 2:07 p.m. -  IslandLife

It sounds pretty good... here's the quote from the PB test where Mike compares it (conveniently) to the Veyron: _"Yes, it goes up and down as it should, and the non-adjustable return speed is faster than the previous models. It also makes cool 'vvvvt' sounds when it does its thing. Most importantly, there's no delay between you pushing the button and the motor opening the port - it is much, much faster than Magura's Vyron dropper. It also feels damn near instantaneous next to a normal Reverb._ _Part of that is down to not having to push a lever (or plunger on older Reverbs) through its stroke, however short, to activate the thing... Because it's literally a button that you push, the activation speed seems to be about on par with flipping a light switch and having the room brighten up."_

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