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Feb. 6, 2019, 5:02 a.m. -  sacki

That what you both describe is very likey coming from temperature differences between riding and storing the bike, but from not in which position you store the bike. Explanation: If you rid in very cold temps and then store the bike inside the house with about +20€, then the oil will expand and create very high pressure inside the lockout-chamber. This pressure needs to be overcome by either the remote or by engaging the reset function (do not use the quick reset lever, but a regular 4mm allen key, as you quick reset lever my shear off). How to avoid this form happening: Store the post while it is not fully extended, dropped about half an inch. Then the post can move, which gives the oil room to expand. We actually do explain this on our website and also in this thread, which is very helpful in general: [\#post13973870](\#post13973870)

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