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Feb. 5, 2019, 10:10 a.m. -  Kenneth Perras

The Deva is a 142mm wide saddle. The Silverado, Volt, Rocket, SL8, etc are also available in the same widths, and even 150mm widths as well. This should add a few more options with regards to shape and padding. The 142mm Rocket is probably a step up in comfort over the Deva, but less so than the Koda. I go back and forth on the usefulness of the Kevlar corners. One one hand they are quite durable. On the other hand, their abrasiveness coupled with gritty dirt that we have on the shore tends to rub seams on riding shorts/pants to the point of blowing them out.  If you can spring for the microfiber cover material, do it! You can oil the material periodically to keep it fresh and it develops a nice "Brooks-esque" patina.

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