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Feb. 5, 2019, 9:24 a.m. -  grimwood

Both of my post have the exact same issue. I didn’t know you could fix it with a revive cycle. I also hang both of my bikes. I feels like something is stuck, like the cable. Then it frees up and it’s fine.  My experience is a little different than Niels. I notice how smooth the post is on every ride. You don’t have to unweight the saddle before dropping and it’s super smooth every time.  One thing I noticed and maybe Sacki can comment if this. My lever seems to get a little sticky when the post is at the top of the travel. At the bottom or mid I have no issues, but at the top, I tend to have to flick the trigger backward with my thumb. Although that also might be due to me shoehorning the 185 in there...

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