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Feb. 5, 2019, 8:48 a.m. -  schyawn

1.5y on my 160 here. Nearly flawless, though I have an intermittent issue with the lever getting stuck - you can't press the trigger. However, if i use the Revive feature to lower the post then the trigger starts working normally again. Have contacted Sacki and it remains a mystery but it's so seldom and not a major headache at all. This always happens after pulling the bike down off the wall, or after having it flipped upside down, so that's likely the cause. I've had the post sag 1-2cm a couple times (2x in ~200rides), used the Revive feature, and it's like new instantly. Have also done the "lower service" on it twice, so easy to do at home. Love this post design, even if the trigger is mangled or the cable is f**ked, you can still raise and lower the post manually using the Revive feature!! AWESOME.

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