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Feb. 5, 2019, 7:19 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Agree fully with the first point; disagree heartily with the second although I’ve heard that claim made many times. I’ve helped people find comfortable saddles for them for years and guys can definitely tell the difference between something that’s comfortable and something that’s a hatchet. The exception is that a chamois seems to erase a lot of discomfort for men whereas with most women a chamois may hide an uncomfortable saddle for a short ride. Maybe. I don’t wear one so that informs my preference some. There’s also a huge range of crap being sold as women specific as well as a huge range of variation within well designed women’s saddles. Compare the Deva to a Terry saddle for example. Then compare both of those to a Chromag Juniper. In my experience you won’t find a majority of women (never mind dudes) happy with a Deva or Terry saddle spec. I think any bike over 2k (road or mountain) should come without a saddle. Since that isn’t going to happen then I’ll agree that the Koda would be an awesome OE choice for men and women.

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