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Jan. 31, 2019, 10:25 a.m. -  AndrewR

@fed I have ridden both. Given the warranty offered by both companies one has to decide what one prioritises. I went with We Are One because I have met Dustin and believe in what he is trying to do. Produce good carbon products meeting environmental compliance and paying decent wages to Canadians in Canada. P321 are also North American (Oregon) based so it is still more local than something that is produced overseas. I have also (in my guide guise) ridden SCB wheels in order to test them and until 2018 I had been riding Santacruz Bikes since 2001 (I switched due to too short rear triangles and too slack seat post angles - a story for another time).  As with most things SCB the wheels are really well made and they have obviously learnt a lot from their long collab with ENVE. The feel of the rims (30 mm with a 2.4" proper 1000 gr trail/ enduro tyre) is better than the M70 (all versions), they hold the tyre well at low pressures (I run a little more than Cam does at 22.5 front/ 24.5 rear and 21 front/ 22.5 rear in winter). One cannot complain about the build quality and I9 hubs are USA made and run well. I personally do not like I9 hubs as the noise drives me bonkers!! I want to burn them at the end of every ride which is counter to two of the main reasons I ride which is to enjoy peace and quiet and find my zen!! The We Are One Agents are on P321 hubs with CX-Ray spokes and alloy nipples. Their build quality is superb, true today (2500 trail kilometres in nine months) as the day they arrived including a Trans-Madeira and lots of hammering on dusty rocky Whistler summer trails as they now live on my 'big' bike, a 2018 Norco Range C9.1. The only fault with the hubs is that "quiet" is still noisier than DT Swiss 240S 36T star ratchet hubs and they run best on an oil or very light grease so need a little bit more love than DT hubs need. I had a squeak in the front wheel that was traced to the bearings being a little dry so it was quickly remedied but something that has never happened with a DT Swiss hub after only three months/ 1000 km riding. We Are One have had enough feedback regarding the P321 that they no longer offer them as a stock build option but Dustin will source them if you want them. I would rank them pretty highly. The rims are slightly scratched but there have been a lot of rocky trails and the stickers are a little beat up but I am going to get custom stickers made to match my new bike anyway. I am a We Are One wheel rider for life as far as I am concerned. For full detail disclosure I now run a Huck Norris in the rear wheel (it is light and I was given it to test) which I cannot notice but the additional security is good for peace of mind.   I think that the price of the We Are One wheels is a little more competitive as well but that depends on the prices you are being offered by SCB or your local shop. Happy trails.

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