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Jan. 30, 2019, 11:52 a.m. -  Metacomet

Hey AJ,  couple of questions for you on the 29er DH bikes, and the Aurum HSP in particular I'm hoping you can help me out with (Please!).   Are you getting any real significant rub from the rear tire on really steep terrain, big rollers, g outs, slow drops with heavy rear weight bias/thrust, or other situations?  I had a longer travel 29er for a couple of years and though I loved the bike in a lot of situations and found it to be quite fast, I never liked the rub that came with the big wheel in those types of scenarios.  For a non-racing focused DH bike, do you think its worth that tire burn?  Are you noticing it at all on the DH bike?  Do you notice it on 29" trail/enduro bikes?  How tall are you and what inseam length/body type? I'm pretty much right at 6' tall with a 32" inseam.  On the Aurum HSP, I'm torn between going for the M/L or the L/XL as I fall right between the two in their setup guide, and it is further complicated by the choice between 27.5 or 29.  I've been quite decided on 27.5 for some time, but the points you make have me intrigued if the 29" version would be totally fine, without as much negative as I'm imagining from past experiences.  I think i'd be perfectly happy and fine on the 27.5, but I don't want to write anything off without giving it a fair consideration and hearing from others.   I love the reach adjust headset cups on the HSP.  Do you think it would be better/more versatile to stay on the longer side, or would the M/L feel fine on a DH bike where both outright speed and fun/playfulness are important?

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