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Jan. 29, 2019, 1:30 p.m. -  Andrew Major

Lots of companies used to spec a black Shimano rear hub with a black cartridge thru-axle hub. Certainly was the case on lots of old Rocky bikes. Two thoughts regarding the pricing. 1) You get almost the same build on Chameleon C S at 3800 USD. The Reserve build difference is wheels, carbon cranks, headset. So really the big pricing difference is high end carbon wheels. 2) It’s hard to comment on relative value when it comes to carbon (I suppose the same can be said for any material. Santa Cruz delivers unabashedly high end carbon frames. Whether C or CC level they’re a premium product. Trek, Specialized. I think the best explanation I’ve heard was Noel @ Knolly talking about the cost of just doing carbon vs. the cost of making a premium carbon frame when he was starting the Carbon Warden program. Is that better? Worth spending more money on? Totally a personal decision. ——— One other aside - I know it doesn’t matter for anyone who won’t use the feature, but having had custom bikes built those rocker dropouts are also a premium over a static option. Everything adds up $$$$.

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