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Jan. 27, 2019, 6:01 a.m. -  hankthespacecowboy

I've been running the Bachelor post (170mm version) for over six months, and it has been absolutely solid.  Trimming the end of the cable was kinda baffling to me at first, until I figured out a better order of operations when installing the Loam Lever: 1.) Pull cable taut; 2.) Measure and mark the 19 mm of cable; 3.) Slip barrel nut onto cable; 4.) trim cable and slide barrel nut to the end, then tighten.  Previously, I was attempting to measure the cable with the barrel nut in place, then trimming the cable after tightening the barrel nut. Results looked similar to those posted above, with frayed cable protruding from the barrel nut, which interfered with installation. Measuring without the barrel nut made it much easier to get an accurate measurement with a basic caliper. Sliding the barrel nut over the cable, then trimming allow you to position the barrel nut at the very end of the cable, and eliminate the frayed ends.

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