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Jan. 23, 2019, midnight -  cxfahrer

I have size 47-48 (depending on model) FiveTens and ride on plastic pedals for three years now. On the other bike I have DMR Vault for comparison. The Vaults are the best anyway, the feet feel planted and secure. With the Azonic plastic pedals I could feel the bulge over the axle, and they dont have enough pins. But they could take some serious hits against rocks, which did happen quite offen due to their size. When the bearings were done I replaced them with Chester knockoffs from Chenzhen. These are smaller, and they have even less real pins. Extra pins are easily added using a drill. The Chester knockoffs needed some tlc with the bearings first, but work fine since. No problems with the smaller size. They dont have that bulge, and yes you feel it when temperatures get freezing, even with Freeriders EPS.

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