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Jan. 14, 2019, 4:19 p.m. -  Nouseforaname

Bespoke - "anything commissioned to a particular specification" I.e the user of this frame. Literally that definition is in the \[....\] of your quote. It's a perfectly acceptable use of the word. Its not like YT called that bottle bespoke or whatever, \*I\* used that word. And that's exactly what i want. I want bike manufacturers to start thinking outside the box - triathletes get it, why can't we?  Just because the standard size for a water bottle and cage was laid down in the the 1920s or whenever, I don't need my super whizz bang jestsons inspired modern mountain bike designs to be forever enslaved to the positioning of those two little bolts and holes, and the idea that water only comes in 500ml or 750ml versions.

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