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Jan. 10, 2019, 11:04 a.m. -  Andrew Major

When the sleeves go on your cheap jacket buck them off and try the riding with a waterproof vest. It's a silly sounding concept until you try it. Any day that's a drizzle or just wet on the ground I'm out in my Agent pants but just rocking my vest with a long sleeve jersey underneath. It's so awesome that I've over-Evangelized-it to the point that I think friends won't try it because they think I'm just trying to get everyone to destroy their jackets (or "take my vest! try it! try it!" is just too crazy to comprehend).  Mine is just an older Gore Bike Wear Active jacket that didn't fit great. I didn't regularly wear it as a jacket but it gets as much use as any layer I have these days.  . That said - yeah, RF knocked this one out of the park. I will be very surprised especially if we don't see a lot more gills (so many jacket warranties happen because of delaminating pit-zips, but no pit venting isn't a great answer either) and rubberized contact points for plenty of brands in the next season or two. And I mean, if you're doing R&D anyways might as well grab that dialed hood shape/size too!

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