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Jan. 7, 2019, 9:17 a.m. -  OwenFoster

Big wide flow highways make sense to discuss/sanction given their half life and potential impact. Wee little seasonal single track? Overkill. The list of problems with unauthorized trail building that FLNRO lists is laughably synonymous with all forestry, ATV use, hiking trail development, approach trails to climbing/bouldering, surveying/steak laying. All of it. Personally all I want is to move some logs out of the way of a natural weave through some bespoke mature forest and maybe rake a bit. The rest is the bastion of rubber and repeat punctuated by touch up maintenance on the most miserable of days for riding. When its proper f'd you can either do the real work of making a sustainable version of it with buckets and effort OR just shut the damn thing. Sanctioned trails are for aging. Parks and Rec Sites is the department of trails which will get old. Crown land is for all, working to make the woods in your backyard a better place is IMBYism and should encouraged approved with a signature from Victoria or not. I truly wish every wingeing bleeding heart laptop virtue beckon would just go rake a trail or cut drainage the next time they want to bite the hand that feeds and blame builders for a 'problem' that doesn't exist. Blame it on The GnarSeekers. Its not the fault of the folks visiting town asking Armand or Al the best trails after Rupert and The GarbageBear to ride... oh no, they still have much to vacation ride which contain the 3 principal tenets needed in order to be Legal; wide, golden, and low angle. Those winding and predictable flowing tourist traps are real infrastructure and will not go away once built, much like a road. There is most certainly a reason to measure twice cut once so-to-speak and make sure all these big old bastards are sanctioned. This is my first comment on NSMB so lets see its not too provocative to post. haha Cheers gang, good talk. Owen

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