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Jan. 7, 2019, 9:17 a.m. -  OwenFoster

Should 40Down have been built? From where I stand, hell yes. It brought a net ~100 great laps to people at least I'd say. That's a tangible positive human life experience metric this readership above all can recognize. That's really cool actually. Say it took 40 hours to dig (guessing) that means all of those hundred riders down it have a ripping good time in their memories forever. The ROI to the community makes it a no brainer for me. Time well spent, volunteer to boot. Cheers to the effort Ziggy, you paid 1 hour of your time to 100 friends. Through the nature of being pointed fully S.F.D. and existing in a rain forest it has fallen from grace harder than Spacey. It was unridable after a few seasons and now has been mostly reclaimed by the forest and now looks more like some deer have been striding directly uphill than ever having been a recreation site. That's the beauty of unsustainable trails, they are fleeting. Letting them go is as easy and scrapping another one in and watching the rainforest recover. We count on this ability to make forestry viable after all. If cutblocks can flourish on a scale of decades it stands to reason that single track yields to reclamation in years. In Shore terms; What would be the point of seeking section 57 approval for The Wink ? (had the process existed at that time) Its been said recently that the blue and flowey things have had their moment of attention the last few years on the shore and its time to develop more expert level terrain (a paraphrase of Cooper's comment for NSMBA) but there is a limit to what you can expect to be worthwhile the process. Personally I think the whole trails act is a very late response to the ladder bridge everything era in trail building. For those tasked with it from a desk in an office in a BC government building hearing about skinnies littering the shore and having the mandate to do something about I'm not at all surprised we got here. Thanks NORSHSHORE! ;-) Owen

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