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Jan. 7, 2019, 9:17 a.m. -  OwenFoster

It's the hooners who want more. The process does not have a mechanism to say yes to their request should they make it. If they apply for what they actually want it will bog up the system ever worse because they are going to say no anyhow. If its green, blue, black (flow) and doesn't cross any property lines, is not on private property and is not obviously going to be problematic I say APPLY. Just be patient. For those who tinker on trails as a hobby, the patience and planning ahead to building your one-day approved trail required is akin to being into gardening and having to pencil in how your going to prune your tomatoes in 2021... it just doesn't scratch the same itch. I would love to see the application -were it to have been written- for one of the best fall line trails on Diamondhead ever, 40Down. It was built, ridden and basically died all in 2013. The hypothetical application would have described an alignment dropping about 400m in about 400m with no counter-grades, drainage, excavation, or capping. Intended use? "locking the rear wheel and not letting it move until your ears pop from elevation loss while screaming" Intended user ability? "psyco" Proposed difficulty Rating? "black and red triangle diamond prism" Legacy Maintenance Schedule? "Nah, just leave it mate, its pitted" It wouldn't have been worth the Rec Officers time to read then and it's not now. The process is for vanilla, if you want picante you better make your own batch of chili Owen

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