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Jan. 3, 2019, 2:41 p.m. -  Steve Mathews

Bigger wheelbases (not specifically FC/RC ratios as such) allow more rider motion, but they also require it. One thing I have discussed with a few others is how longer wheelbases effectively increase the resolution of your movements, ie if you have a 1000mm WB, a CoM motion of 30mm constitutes 3% of the WB that you've moved. If that WB was 1500mm, that 30mm CoM shift is only 2% of the WB - so coarser motions give you finer control. That's good for precision and stability, but in turn also means you need to move further to achieve any given CPL shift desired. However, even the difference between the medium Mega and the large Machine is only 12% in wheelbase, more like 10% in the same size, so the rider has to be 10% more precise (10mm motion becomes 9mm motion) in order to accurately weight the wheels as he wants to. That's not an insignificant percentage, but we (or I at least) don't have any data to show how precise the rider can actually be. Like if you have to be accurate to within +/-5mm of CoM position to get the load on the front tyre within the necessary range, and that becomes +/-4.5mm instead, but the rider's sense of balance allows him to be easily precise within +/-2mm then it's a bit of a moot point there. Or maybe we're already the wrong side of that and most riders can only be precise within +/-20mm to begin with and they need to be within +/-10mm? I don't know the answer to that.

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