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Dec. 23, 2018, 2:19 p.m. -  barefootmeshback

The context for me is that I work in a public library with a well used bike rack out front. While you might be versed enough to know the limitations of this lock, the average user will buy this and especially given the inflated price tag will think it is a lot more secure than it is. I have seen bike after bike stolen from people who don't know better. They don't know how to properly lock a bike and assume a cable lock is good enough. Every summer I have to help at least one kid fight back tears as they call their parents. We might be a bunch of bike nerds but a lot of people buying locks like this are the bread and butter of bike thieves. There is a youtube video of this lock being cut with a pair of cheap tin snips. For the price, that is ridiculous. I don't see how it is any more secure than a cheap 30 dollar cable lock. If you want avoid a dash and go theft, there is way better value elsewhere.

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