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Dec. 23, 2018, 11:38 a.m. -  Michael

_"Compress it by building downward pressure very slowly, vertically through the bars and note how quickly the bushes bind until the bar actually bends instead of the fork compressing! Do it again with the forks at their usual angle and you can see it isn't so different! Vertically it binds almost as badly…"_ I call BS on that statement. ALL of my suspension forked bikes bind more at angle than vertical.  _"The smaller rear wheel gives the best of both worlds really, the front wheel is loaded on the bump face by the rider but the rear wheel is behind the rider, so the smaller rear wheel is not a hindrance on the bump face."_ True when your bikes have super long chain stays (like Geometrons) try that on a short chainstay bike and get back to me. _"Oh, and maybe water bottle designers can design bottles to fit bikes instead of bike designers having to make bikes and suspension systems to fit water bottles?"_ Totally agree with this, there is room for innovation here.

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