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Dec. 20, 2018, 10:28 a.m. -  JVP

I love that they're pushing the envelope. The DH front end with trail bike rear end needed to happen. But this: _"The handling of a bike is separately dictated by the relationship between wheels, position and head angle and their relationship with the BB and handlebar. It is possible to do both without compromise!"_ Come on guys, there's always a compromise with every design decision, anyone who's been in the industry a while, or ridden enough different bikes enough knows this. My BS-O-meter goes up when I hear stuff like this.  Some riders and some terrain will be better on these crazy slack, long bikes. The stability and speed of these is really fun. Tall riders, rejoice! Others will have fewer aches, pains, and have more fun on a slower, shorter, but more playful bike. Manuals and pulling up the front end - that's fun. Wheelie drops on slow moves - yeah gotta do that sometimes. Try a steep rock-roll on a bike this long w/out smashing. Steep, tight tech climbs are nirvana for some people-different geometry for that. I have friends who are former BMXers that prefer shorter bikes, and they can get 10' boost off the tiniest little hit.  It looks fun. As a registered parts killer, I'll choose durability over that last 1% in performance every time. There is no one answer for all riders, styles and places.   Keep up the great work, your stuff looks brilliant, but maybe be a little humble along the way so we don't have to call BS.

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