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Dec. 17, 2018, 10:08 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Thanks; no stress. Yeah, I had a few friends (who don’t carry locks) send me the video while I was working on this review with the premise that me carrying the Otto was ~ equivalent to them carrying nothing. Like someone’s going to take the time to cut my lock vs. just pedaling off with their bike. Deterrents are always about being less convenient to f**k with than the next guy, but that said there isn’t a lock I haven’t seen defeated. I’ve known more than one person who went to grab their bike and it was gone with their lock intact - thief doesn’t want the traceable frame anyways. Way easier to cut a high end frame than a NY-Lock. I know mountain bikers and roadies (Enve baby!) who’ve had their forks stolen with the rest of the Bike untouched - it’s a 30-second job requiring a hex key or two. And the worst Bike-theft feeling I’ve experienced - and I’ve had bikes stolen - was me standing 2x blocks from the local cop-shop, on a busy afternoon with tonnes of traffic and pedestrians (Lonsdale in North Van) going to town on a high-end Kryptonite U-Lock with a cordless grinder. People were walking through the sparks (or crossing the street) and I was shocked no one took my picture or called the cops. In the time I was there an officer could have strolled down from the station to have a word. Park it out of sight, be prepared to lose it. I still think this is a great product for what I use it for.

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