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Dec. 17, 2018, 9:25 a.m. -  IslandLife

Man, people really love to get on their mile high horses and point out how easily locks can be cut... Thanks Captains of the obvious!! It seems most simply fail to realize that unless you're willing to spend $150++ on a lock AND/OR willing to carry around a 10 pound weight in your pack... and/or fill your pack with a heavy duty chain... every other lock is simply just an "opportunity theft" deterrent. If I'm putting a lock into my backpack that I'm riding with, I'm willing to pay for a nice lightweight minimal lock. At the same time knowing full well it can be cut with tin snips, just like every other lock!!! Any joey can throw a Cdn Tire cable lock in their pack if they want an extra couple pounds bouncing around on their back... and they both can be cut through like a nice gouda on Christmas eve. people.... Andrew - for your sanity, and because these exact same comments plus obligatory links to "LockPickingLawyer "'s youtube channel (he must be making bank from NSMB's lock review alone), appear on every one of your lock reviews... just know that there are some of us who get how locks work and appreciate these reviews. I love how light yet durable and easily pack-able this lock looks... it's going on my Christmas wish list! Also a could be a great option for my kids bikes for use during the day with the school bike racks... lightness and ease of packing goes a long ways for them. Thanks!

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