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June 1, 2016, 4:33 p.m. -  steve low

#!markdown Hey Cam great review. Thankyou. My current bikes are a cotic 27.5 bFe hardtail to get rowdy on and i also ride an Avanti competitor team 29er carbon hardtail with race geo, full xtr and dt wheels. The 29er constantly amazes me as to how fast it is not only in xc mode but mild trail mode too. The bigger wheels roll over stuff so much more than the cotics 27.5 do. Only when it gets really steep does the cotic have an advantage and thats only down to the geo. Now both bikes are hardtails so it is a subjective comparison of the wheel size and geo. As a result im quite sold on the idea of a 29er full sus with rowdy geo. Cam you seem to be a convert to the bigger wheel also. Im now looking at one of three bikes. Transition smuggler. Evil following. YT jeffsy. Any feedback from readers on these bikes to help me make my decision would be appreciated! ? Many thanks all ☺

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