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Dec. 17, 2018, 9:24 a.m. -  MountainBikeBarbados .

Just thought I'd chime in with my impressions on these bars so far since I just got and fitted the 16 degree on Friday. Initially I was a little skeptical of spending $80+ for a bar and not sure, so I opted for the Salsa 11 degree and honestly, compared to my regular 9 degree bars, could not really feel anything, so put it on my Monkey that does commuting duty. Last month I injured my thumb quite bad and was off the bike for a good few weeks and definitely could feel the pressure out on the thumb when gripping the bars and decided to order up the 16 and give it a go. Initial install I think I had it rotated a bit too far forward, brought it back a bit and now feels good, can definitely feel less pressure on my thumb. Hand position does not seem to feel weird to me, but have not been on a proper ride yet with them, just some tooling about and commuting (they're on my 29+ Unit), hoping to get out for a ride either tomorrow or Wed, so will report back on how they handle the tech and a 3+ hour ride. Just to add some info, I was running a 40mm stem and moved to a 60mm stem after using a few feet long straight piece of wood against the back of the bar and realising how much further back the 16 brought the end of my grips compared to the regular 9 degree. Not sure if this is how it wqill stay setup, but as a starting point, does not feel bad at all, but a good, tech ride will help cement the setup.

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