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June 2, 2016, 12:13 p.m. -  Tehllama42

#!markdown Sometimes those brutally tough climbs are higher success rate when I'm knackered - because I don't have the energy to apply poor technique so I wind up confused at just how I found myself at the top, but it's really just that I haven't overthought it or focused on a deceptive easy-looking line, and I just pedal up letting the bike actually do its job - but I have zero doubt that the bike is as helpful as any two-wheeled object can be for that type of thing. I really am convinced that a 5.5″ rear travel and 150-160mm forked 29er is probably the closest thing to an ideal all-around bike for riders taller than 5'8″ if kept reasonably light, suspended on quality stuff, and shod with the right wheels/tires.

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