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Dec. 8, 2018, 7:23 a.m. -  jason

Been running Xt/SLX levers with saint/Zee calipers for about 5 years and it is a great combo.  Certainly a lot of power if that is your thing.  Grabby for sure but that has never bothered me.  At 205lbs I want the power and the Xt/Zee option works awesome. Note I have not been able to see/find a difference between saint calipers and Zee calipers, other than pin versus bolt to keep the pads from falling out.  As a result I stick with Zee calipers for the savings. I like the combo so much that when a recently built a new enduro bike from scratch, I built the brakes using Xt levers, saint cable, Zee calipers.  Awesome build.

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