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Dec. 6, 2018, 12:05 p.m. -  Andrew Major

Apologies for the lack of clarity, in my mind I was thinking about smashing it on stuff, which happens a lot more in the winter here, as opposed to our watery granular muck (but that too), either way, it's certainly a review I'd be keen to read.  Personally, it's not a product I'd be interested in riding. On a hardtail, it would necessitate adding a rear derailleur to tension the chain (once my Dinglespeed is that complex I'll just run 1x9/10/11/12). Most dual suspension bikes, even custom ones, have their kinematics refined around a single chainring of size X up front and I wouldn't give up suspension performance for more gear ratios.  If it included a provision to tension the chain built in so it could be run 2x1 on hardtails or dual-FS bikes without a tension at the dropout then I'd be very curious to throw it on a more chainring-size neutral bike (like a Knolly) and give it a shot.  I'm not their target market though. There are lots of folks still running front derailleurs or lamenting their fall from favour and this looks like it could be really interesting.

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