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Nov. 29, 2018, 7:09 p.m. -  kekoa

Sigh.....could you please review things BEFORE I buy them? I just picked up a pair of these in the low cut model and have a ride to get my hair cut in them, a trail ride and a pedal up a road and bomb down ride. I'm a casual flats guy, You can take my Times when you unclick my cold dead toes.  I figured since it's winter I could work on my manual/jump skills. After my limited time on them, I've found them stiff. Like my feet hurt stiff. Traction has been okay. Previous shoes were the Jackets which I thought were 'meh.  Give me a couple of months and I suspect that this will be consigned to riding with the kids.  AJ - what pedals are you using? I'm on RF Chesters.

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