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Nov. 29, 2018, 12:20 p.m. -  IslandLife

Ok, I have a couple issues with this bike... 1\. Calling it an X01 build when you only get the X01 derailleur and crankset, but not the cassette, chain or shifter (GX) for $10k (Cdn) is a bit disingenuous and frankly eye-watering.  You have to step up to the "X01 Race" build at $11400 (Cdn) just to get a true X01 build (yet still a GX chain?? C'mon...)... frankly at those prices, I'd expect to see a full XX1 build.  But no, with Yeti, you have to spend $12600 (cdn) to get an XX1 build... and then they still skimp and give you the X01 crankset, but hey, at least you get the chain.. haha!  I get that a lot of companies mix and match... but again, at 10 or 12k I don't want any peasant value added mixing and matching.  Give me the whole group or GTFO. 2\. That flexy of rear end on a fairly long travel carbon 29'r is a bit worrisome... will be interested to hear how that plays out long term. 3\. Rear tire spec... the Aggressor is suspect, but could be understood depending on where the majority of the these bikes are going.  But no 3C?  So, I'm spending 10K+ and I still have to buy or do a shop swap and add money to get a proper rear tire?  Again at 10K+, I shouldn't have to worry about that shit.  I'd really like to see bikes at this price point offer a choice of rubber, even if it's from the same company, offering various treads, widths, compounds and carcass choice would be a nice touch. I shouldn't really even complain, Yeti's prices are out of my reach... but I just don't like seeing this kind of thing from such a premium bike at such a premium price.  If you're spending this much... you should expect the bike to be fully sorted, no fucking around.

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