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Nov. 27, 2018, 7:19 a.m. -  Andrew Major

I think I cover that pretty clearly. The only thing being sacrificed with THIS $50 lid is venting.  Re. Comfort. Maybe I was overly cheeky in trying to make my point but I think if you haven’t tried a pad-fit lid for a while it’s worth plopping one on your head.  Re. Testing. In addition to in house testing Kali uses multiple outside labs. As Brad tells it there are different testing philosophies so he likes to see the different results. Brad also designs for other companies, including Leatt, under contract; they take things seriously and are taken seriously. I linked to a piece I wrote previously re. Kali design philosophy and noted the Viva has an impressive amount of tech, including multi-density-foam for $50. “Safety” is, as you note, a dangerous thing to qualify but if you buy into the idea that many helmets are too hard for the speeds we’re crashing at - in a quest to combine venting, style, and pass gouvernment  testing - which I do - I think it’s easy to make the argument that the features of this lid (and similar buckets) actually make it safer than many helmets costing many times more. That’s the real win in Min-Maxing, like the other products I mentioned. Getting something better for less.

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