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Nov. 26, 2018, 9:53 a.m. -  Andrew Major

I haven’t wetted them through on the trail yet but I have fully inundated them on the road a few times. Riding down Lonsdale in heavy rain post-ride (sans fenders) I’ve soaked through the lower legs. There’s a different material below the knee for durability and it definitely is not as waterproof. A few weeks back on Saturday when we had the biblical rains I was wearing them home from work and got caught in the worst of it (~1:30am). Even my Gore-Active jacket was leaking but the Agents were fully soaked through. They definitely meet my expectations for a 10k/10k product but if I was commuting in the rain, my wife has a pair of the latest Gore Bike Wear Active Shell pants and they’re impressive - I would definitely buy them for all season commuting but having tried them on, even aside from no belt loops, I wouldn’t wear them for trail riding. Been wearing the Agents almost every ride this Fall and I’m going to buy a second pair. Love the fit, love the function. BUT, I definitely get where you’re coming from in wanting something more weatherproof on the road - even when I think about riding to/from trails.

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