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Nov. 25, 2018, 3:51 p.m. -  Reed Holden

It is difficult for me to write a response to this video without sounding overly harsh. This [link]( sums up my feeling about why I watch mountain bike videos. Brandon Semenuk is inspiring to watch ride. I have to say, there is nothing remarkable in Mr Lunn's riding, only that he is willing to try and cheat death or dismemberment. Within my own medical school class I had one classmate that went mountaineering with her boyfriend and never returned - presumed dead. One classmate that broke his neck biking at whistler and will never walk again. A third classmate who amputated his arm riding on the shore. A fourth classmate who's husband died falling into a crevasse while sking and finally a classmate who's friend died while competing in a half pipe competition in the US. I have personally cared for several 18-35 year old men who have among other things "quaded" themselves and sit in the icu with a breathing tube for a month. Let me tell you, there is little you can do on a mountain bike or in the backcountry that is worth that cost. Mr Lunn is taking enormous risks not to mention, deforming a tree with a stupid useless stunt that no one else will ever do. I hope he put that stunt on his own land or removed it after he was done because it is a giant liability for access if people build stunts like this and leave them in the forest for others to hurt themselves on. This video represents all that is irresponsible about mountain biking. I can appreciate that Mr Lunn probably really likes biking but I find it hard to be supportive of such a risky endeavour. If he had broken his neck, or given himself a pneumothorax, or ruptured his spleen on any one of his ridiculous stunts, did his crew have some way to get him out of the forest? I sure hope so, because riding like that will eventually end with a catastrophic injury. Everyone will say "he was doing what he loved" like that somehow makes blatant stupidity OK. I am sure a giant flame war will ensue.....

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