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Nov. 24, 2018, 1:16 p.m. -  Andrew Major

I had a 2012 Steel (blue) which I ran SS and 2x1 (Hammerschmidt) and sold to pick up a first gen Raijin Ti. Which I ran Rigid SS and broke rather fiercely. Had a 2013 Honzo (SS | 140mm) that I cracked the top tube on and it was replaced under warranty with a 2014 that I had custom painted by Toxik Harald. My buddy Brent owns that now and rides it SS. Those were all mediums.  My Explosif (large) I ran 29 front / 27 rear SS with a number of different forks playing with geometry. I had a 100mm Lefty, Fox 34 and Auron on that bike with different fork offsets and then my custom Waltworks rigid fork. I still have the Explosif (and fork) and these days it's set up to pull my daughter's trailer bike with with 11spd cassette, a first-gen non-clutch 10spd XTR derailleur, and a friction thumb shifter. I tried to sell the frame but never had a serious offer and at the end of the day there's no bike cheaper than the one you already own but it is a bit of a silly waste riding it around with slicks.  I've ridden a regular Honzo (not Big Honzo) with 27+ and it was really low for local trails. I'm running my Honzo with a 29x2.6" SE4 out back (plenty of room in longer wheelbase settings) and a 29x3" tire up front (currently burning out a DHF 3c 3" and then will buy an SE4 for it).  I have two buddies with Ti Honzos. Definitely would be on my short list of my one-bike single speed if I wasn't addicted to riding rigid.

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