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Nov. 23, 2018, 8:08 a.m. -  DB@EB

Passing the course is not based on riding ability. There is a misunderstanding here for sure. Riding competence (matched per level of course) is part of it but it’s the combination of teaching, guiding and overall demonstration of an understanding of the methodologies that will determine if you pass the course.  The association has been built by volunteers over 10+ years and every year the materials has gone through edits and improvements and we currently have an entire team dedicated to it. I’m confident it’s improved a lot since you took the course. In 2019 there will actually be an entire team of staff to continue to develop and improve the PMBI materials, courses and operations.  I’m curious as to when you took a course Aiden? I’d like to look into this further as this doesn’t seem to match the PMBI standards at all.  Can you share what month and year you took a course? Sounds like it was in Whistler? I will certainly bring this up with the Board if Directors and look into your feedback further.

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