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June 5, 2016, 11:25 p.m. -  boomforeal

#!markdown i'm 6'2″ and tested the larger (25″) of the two frame sizes. i don't know how much swapping the step will affect handling, because i didn't experiment with different lengths. i'd be inclined to think it would have less on an impact than it might on a more traditional bike when we were initially setting up the review, jeff thought that even at my height i could go either way. the 25″ is more stable, according to jeff, which is good for both technical and long-distance riding. he suggested the 24″ would be more maneuverable, but i definitely didn't find the 25″ to be lacking in that department my second thought would be that at 6′, if you can swing the standover, go with the 25″ frame. but my first thought would be talk to jeff: give him a call, tell him what you want the bike for and see what he says

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