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Nov. 19, 2018, 9:44 a.m. -  JVP

I have the EPS. I like them, but they're not perfect. Not willing to compromise stealth grip, so the only real option for winter flats. Not super warm, but good for fall riding down to just below freezing. They dry fairly fast. Tongue gusset keeps some water out, but isn't perfectly sealed (I fixed this by applying seam sealer internally, and put a tightly wrapped shoe tree in there to let it cure), and they REALLY need a neoprene gasket over the top like these Bontys. Water splashes down your leg, and so does dirt when riding duffy goodness or trail building. I think high tops collect a lot more dirt than low tops, especially when building. If Adidas made the tongue actually waterproof and put a gasket on top, these would be five-star shoes. I'd call them great for splashy, but not truly wet riding in cool weather. Still, they're a heckuva lot better than soggy old Impacts. 3 stars, up to 4 since I sealed the tongue.

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