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Nov. 14, 2018, 10 a.m. -  Kevin26

Pure fan vote, then we'd end up with a popularity contest. Also I don't think transparency would help with anything,  would only help the angry internet mobs single out who 'robbed' their favourite rider and make being a judge even less appealing.  Do you think the judges would change their scores if they knew they were being published? The only change they would make would to be going against their judgement and score a popular rider higher to avoid scrutiny.  And the judging panel is fair, how can you expect the most experienced (and willing) judges for an American event to not be mostly American.  Lots of American riders get 'robbed' but fairclough gets the label of most robbed this year because his run was unique (hard to compare against the others) and he's a very popular rider so lots of out cry from fans.  I think it works pretty well considering its a near impossible event to judge.

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