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Nov. 14, 2018, 1:44 a.m. -  RBWebb

Nice work, Andrew. I’ll add to this story a bit. I have a Gen 1 Banshee Phantom that I bought in late 2015.  I really don’t like any of the new colors, so I’ve decided to keep it another season and do some more upgrades. I have a 3 year old wheelset (Hope Pro 4 with Ibis 941 hoops if anyone cares) and I’m the only one of 4 friends with these wheels that didn’t bust a rim in some way this year. I’m a bit nervous, so I’ve decided to build out a new wheelset (I9 hubs with Spank Oozy Trail 350s, again if anyone cares).  Problem is, my frame is 142 spaced and I want to build wheels that can work on my next frame. With Banshee it’s awesome.......  just go to their website and order Boost dropouts.  I already have an MRP Ribbon Coil (which is Boost) that I’m using MRP’s Better Boost Adapter on, so my new wheels will eliminate the adapter and I’ll be able to use them on my next frame. Not only is it my favorite bike I’ve ever owned, Banshee has effectively made their bikes “future proof”.........

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