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Nov. 9, 2018, 11:35 a.m. -  Ian-Collins

While there are some things in here that I agree with such as a more transparent judging process, there are some claims here that are absolutely baseless and ludicrous.  No one who has scrambled around on those hills will tell you that the best vantage point is from the TV. The athletes, judges, organizers, video guys and photo guys have the best sense of what's going on because they've studied it in person. The viewers on site and at home, do not. The only way to get true scope is to walk up and down the hill and look at every single feature from above and below, which is exactly what all of the judges did and do. I saw them walking around, and eyeing things up all day - every day and that's what they do every year. On judging - there isn't some American conspiracy (subconscious, or otherwise) at play. That's utterly absurd, even with the armchair psychologist remarks. The majority of the athletes who have competed in Rampage over the broad timeline have been American or Canadian. Outside of the US and Canada, there isn't exactly a long list of people from European countries (and others) who have attended multiple times, are up to speed with the current state of freeride and are even willing to judge the event. The real issue is that no one in their right mind WANTS to judge Rampage. There are a handful of Canadians (Vanderham, Simmons, Shandro come to mind) who are widely respected by athletes across the spectrum, but they have ZERO interest in judging. Trust me, the athletes (yes, even the American ones) would love to see those guys judging. I don't blame them for not wanting to - it's a horrible job. With your logic, the judging would immediately become fairer if only there was more diversity (the answer to all of the world's problems!)....OK then. That would mean that everything would go off without a hitch if we could just fire Kyle Jameson, Randy Spangler, etc. and replace them with guys like retired 4X racer Michal Maroši, other retired 4X racer Guido Tschugg, Cedric Gracia, Andrew Mills, Greg Minnaar and a slew of others who have never flipped or spun off of a 30 foot cliff or 50 foot jump in their life. But hey, those guys are from The Czech Republic, Germany, France, NZ, and South Africa. Look at all that diversity! Rampage judging issue solved! I hate to break it to you, but that would solve precisely nothing. The list of relevant, willing judges, is very short, and their nationality has nothing to do with anything whatsoever. As for "perceived judging tragedies", hardly anyone on the hill thought that Adolf got robbed. (He's also from Spain, not Belgium). On that note though, two people that you left off of the list are Tyler McCaul and Cam Zink - who just happen to be American - and in years past, it was widely agreed upon by athletes and others on the hill that they have been underscored more than once. Just my 2 cents as someone who's made ~75-100 trips up and down those hills over the last 7 years.

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