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Oct. 25, 2018, 5:23 p.m. -  Andrew Major

I’m on the road quite a bit with my little one on a trailer bikes (flag and daytime running lights) and I’ve had a mixed experience. On the one hand, compared to commuting even five years ago the average driver is WAY more bike aware. I experience significantly less near-doorings and right-hand-turn cutoffs then I used to.  On the other hand I do see a number of distracted drivers and we ride very defensively - take the lane, etc, to compensate. We plan our routes way more carefully then we should have to, and we always yield right of way even to guys torching through stop signs while flipping us the bird. I’ve only had one incident - night or day | up or down - riding on Lonsdale to access trails and I’m confident that fine fellow internalized my brief presentation on traffic right of way as it pertains to bicycles on the road to such an extent that the world is now a safer place.

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