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Oct. 25, 2018, 4:52 p.m. -  babyzhendo

Interesting to hear that you guys have liked the TRS line so much - I took the plunge and bought LG1r front and rear for my DH bike and TRSr for the front of my trail bike, and really didn't get along with them. The LG1 tires were an epic disaster, and I ended up completely ruining both tires after 5 days at Whistler despite running Huck Norris. The sidewalls were way too thin/flimsy for a proper downhill tire. Even with the super sticky "R" rubber, the front tire was incredibly unpredictable on hard, wet surfaces, and I had my worst crash in years running the LG1r front tire and coming off of the old rock drop on Dirt Merchant. The second I hit the rock the tire completely let loose with no warning at all - something I've never experienced despite riding that trail in the wet probably 100 times. Smoked a brand new 100% helmet and literally every piece of clothing I was wearing except my shoes. I'll admit that both tires are pretty good in the dry/loose, but they are way too square in my opinion, which leads to a vague and unpredictable feeling at hard lean angles on harder surfaces. Not to mention, the side knobs wear crazy fast because they're almost always in contact with the ground, also hurting rolling resistance. These semi-slicks look much more promising given the rounder profile, and could be an excellent dry season option here in the PNW assuming they roll as quickly as I'd imagine.

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