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Oct. 25, 2018, 12:02 p.m. -  Julian Phillips

I've had a Rootdown with the stock GX build for just over 2 years. It came spec'd with OEM Stans rims on Stans Neo hubs. Within a few weeks I'd smashed the rim and broken 2 freehubs. Chromag got tired of me sending them emails with pictures of busted parts and built me a wheel based on their (at time time) prototype BA rim and a Hope Pro 4. I'm not known for skill or finesse on a bike and tend to run low 20s PSI on the rear and haven't had a single issue with this setup. On dozens of occasions I've hit the rear tire hard enough to compress to the rim, but the thing is still as round as the day I got it. I may have had to tighten a spoke once... It's not a light wheel and using the Phase up front makes sense, but I'll take reliability/durability over weight savings any day.

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