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Oct. 20, 2018, 9:27 a.m. -  Skyler

"The economic benefits, especially for small, local business also cannot be understated. The North Shore is world renowned for our lifestyle, and that helps many or our larger, established employers attract talent that might otherwise work somewhere else, for higher pay." It's always a bit disturbing to see reminders of Late Capitalism slipped in like this...  It's well-known that professionals (like engineers) take a pretty huge wage cut in metro Vancouver compared to, say, Calgary. This is particularly painful for the people who spend thousands of hours a year volunteering their time to build trails so that others can come enjoy riding them all while eroding their long term ability to make a living. I mean, I can understand why a mechanical engineer with 5 years  experience, who's into mountain biking, would move from Europe to North Van for $40k/year, but as someone who had to leave Metro Van to make a living, it's pretty depressing to see this special opportunity to exploit mountain bikers marketed to a city council...

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