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Oct. 17, 2018, 12:19 p.m. -  jason

Hope the seams hold up.  I have a pair of Agent shorts and they are garbage.  Such poor quality.  So bad that I don’t want to return them as I don’t want a new replacement.   Seems are poorly sealed.  I re-ironed the seems initially but now the tape no longer sticks. On the short there is an internal cuff to keep out water.  On both legs this came off. The material absorbs water (dwr is either not working or was never applied) so the materials wets out and then soaks through.   And of course it keeps moisture and heat in.  Which would not be bad except for the wetting out/leaking issue. So now I use a proper short ( [\_828005\_color=TEBLK&cgid=15312]( )   for heavy rains and a regular baggy for light rains.  The Agent short just occupies space in my gear bag.

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